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Kym initially trained as a Nurse and Midwife working in both hospital and birth centre settings.  After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Counselling, she has been able to follow her passion of supporting people, through life changing, challenging and traumatic events providing a counselling relationship of respect, equality, collaboration, and compassion. Over the years, Kym has worked with a wide range of clients who are experiencing challenges related to grief and loss, trauma, depression and living with long term disabilities.

Kym feels honoured to be part of the journey with all of the individuals and families she supports as they negotiate the challenges they face in their lives. Kym’s personal style of counselling puts the person in the centre of the counselling journey, gently walking beside individuals as they negotiate the often painful, distressing, and confusing changes that life brings. Kym brings both her professional and personal experiences of life challenges and grief to her work, bringing a strength and resilience to sit comfortably with you in your experience whatever that may be".


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