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Living our values in lockdown

When the world is in crisis and it appears our choices are taken away, how do we respond in a time of lockdown?  You hear the age old saying, “it brings out the best in people and the worst in people”.

We are already witnessing this as the lock down time unfolds.  Many internationally are breaking into song or dance to distract themselves  from their challenging situations. Others are starting up fundraising sites to support our front line workers, or vulnerable families and other good causes.

For others they will be looking for opportunities to take advantage of the situation.  They flout the law and ignore the call to stay at home to save lives.  However, these people are in the minority.  Most of us want to do the right thing and will work hard to do that.

A time of discovery

Over the next four weeks, we will discover new things about ourselves and each other.  This is a time for growing resiliency.  A time for reaching out to others and an opportunity to think and do things differently.  Making time for reflection is important.  It is essential in keeping balance as we are all in a space of time we have never been in before, individually and nationally, let alone globally.  Providing space to ‘listen’ to ourselves is important to know what we need to support ourselves, before we can support others.

How do we cope?

It is OK to be scared, anxious and worried about what the future holds.  That is the reality of living in these times.  To try and curb those emotions means we are not looking at the whole picture.  To have strategies that help us lift out of those spaces is key to rising above fear and anxiety.  Whether that is taking a walk, calling a friend or playing music that will help shift the energy, these things will help us to keep fluid in our emotional well-being rather than becoming stuck in places that do not feel healthy for us.

By reaching out to others, whether that is via phone, social media or supporting those who may not have the energy or resource to help themselves, helps us to refocus on others.  It takes the mind-set away from not having choices.  Social media is full of creative ways people are making a difference to others.

I am mindful of many families who have had to live in social isolation for a long time due to their child being medically fragile.  Some families have shared with me that the rest of the world is finally catching up regarding infection control measures, and how they have had to live for some time.

The rest of the world is finally catching up

A global and national crisis can certainly be a leveller in society, breaking down barriers rather than building walls.  As we all focus on what we can do in our small part of the world, in our bubbles, to ensure we all stay as well as can be, we reach deep into our values of humanity. Kindness, care, support, respect, acceptance, consideration, empathy, humour and love are what is going to get us through this time of uncertainty.

We can do this… each of us have the potential to live these values.We have got this… we can survive through this reality of lock down.

Kia Kaha, Noho Tahi – let’s stay strong and stand together


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