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Caring For Children’s Wellbeing | Te Oranga O Nga Tamariki

True Colours supports Waikato families impacted by their child’s serious health condition.

We understand the huge impact that your childs serious health diagnosis has on your whole family, your friends and community.  Our free service is here for you, ensuring your child and your whānau,  are supported through your time of need.   We offer a personalised and holistic approach to care, working with you to provide support that is right for you and your family.

Our Service

True Colours can provide the following support for your family:

  • Counselling for children/young people, siblings, parents, grandparents and whánau
  • Specialist clinical and emotional support from the time of diagnosis
  • Support available at home, in hospital or at True Colours
  • A range of therapeutic modalities such as play, music and art therapy
  • Advocate and facilitate on your behalf with agencies and health professionals who can play a vital role in your childs care.
  • Bereavement support

Accessing our support

Our free support service can be accessed :

  • Via a referral from your Health Care professional (such as Paediatrician, nurse or GP) or you may self-refer directly via our referral form.
  • If you live in the Waikato region as per the Waikato DHB region or are admitted to Waikato Hospital
  • If your child (with the health condition) is 0-18 years of age.
  • In a timely manner – we don’t have a waitlist as we understand that when you reach out for help is normally when you need it.

Once your referral has been received you will be assigned a keyworker who will work with you and your family.  There may also be other members of the True Colours team involved in your care, depending on your needs.


Download the True Colours Referral Form (1mb pdf file)

How we can support you

Children with a serious health condition

When your child is affected by a chronic, life-limiting or life-threatening illness, they face challenges
different from anything experienced by their peers. Their siblings and families are deeply affected too. That’s why ‘psychosocial’ counselling is so important.

We provide personalised support for your child and family in your time of need.  Our skilled staff help to build personal and family resilience and enable fears, anxieties and tensions to be addressed in a safe and supportive way.


If your child sadly passes away due to their serious health condition, True Colours can provide bereavement support to the whole family.


When you are pregnant and you have received a medical diagnosis that impacts the health or quality of life of your baby, or sadly lose your baby in utereo, True Colours can help with supportive counselling and emotional support.

Health Professionals

We provide collegial support, education and professional development training  to other health professionals and organisations involved in the care of children with a serious health condition.


We believe in sharing our knowledge and experience with others, to foster more understanding and awareness in our community.

  • We provide support to schools and childcare organisations where there are links with children and young people who live with complex health needs
  • We speak at local community groups
  • We share stories of families we have supported (with permission)

True Colours House

The True Colours House was purchased by New Zealand fashion designer and philanthropist Annah Stretton in 2005. Within close proximity to the Waikato Hospital, it provides our team with facilities for counselling and creative therapies.

The house is designed to be a welcoming and warm space that feels like home - we even have children asking us where we sleep at night!  Children, their siblings and family meet at the house for counselling and therapy sessions.

Head down the stairs and you will find a wonderful place for children with a playroom, art space, music room and sand tray room. Our space is all about making kids feel comfortable so they want to come and visit us.  While we do important work there, its also about giving the children the chance to have a bit of fun too. We also have an older space where teenagers will feel more comfortable.


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