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The power of words balanced with the power of action and timing

Today as I sat beside a ‘mum’ holding her baby in a hospital ward, she thanked me for my support.

Surprised, I said I felt I had done so little for her and her baby. As she wiped away her tears, she proceeded to tell me of the day I had walked into her baby’s hospital room.  How I had assessed the situation, and brought in the help required in an acute situation which had had a domino effect in her baby’s care and ultimately her own well being.  Her baby was now recovering and getting closer to the journey home; there is a light at the end of a very long tunnel.

I have reflected on what this mum shared with me today, again reminded of the power of our words and actions.  No matter how little we think we may have said or done, we can have an impact on those we meet within our daily lives.

We can become pivotal in that person’s story, whether we choose to be or not, it doesn’t matter, we are.

Do I feel I have done anything significant in the care of this family?  No, not at all, I happened to have a timely hospital visit, made a decision that contributed to a change in the direction of care and for that mum, on that particular hard day, she felt heard and understood.

Our words and actions matter

As we purposefully make our way through life, we touch each other’s lives, whether we mean to or not.  Being open to the connections and the timing of where we need to be can make a world of difference for someone in any one moment.  I feel grateful to be reminded of this again today.   I thank this exhausted mum, who took the time to share her thoughts with me.

Her words have had a powerful influence on my life today.


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