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Children’s Day 2017

Today is Children’s Day, a date made with the intention to enable us to stop and reflect on what our children mean to us.  A day to celebrate each one of them, whether that is the children we have, those who may no longer be with us, and those children we may have yearned for and yet not been able to have. All children deserve to be celebrated regardless of their situation.

Sadly, too often we hear in the media the shocking news of children being hurt or intentionally killed.  We hear about children who live in conditions that are not ideal due to the poverty and their socio-economic situations. All too often the media depicts a bleak picture for children regarding their health, education and social needs.

However, what isn’t presented so well is the resiliency and courage that children have, sometimes in the toughest of situations. The children supported by True Colours who live with serious health conditions, consistently display courage, strength and resiliency.  Whether they are undertaking invasive treatments, living with a limiting chronic health, disability condition, or spending days in hospital, these children know what it is like to live, despite the adversity.

Today, I am remembering the children I have read about, or heard about in the media, the children I have cared for over so many years, my own children and grandchildren.  Each has left an imprint on my soul in some way.  Today is a day of remembering, and celebrating and honouring them all.


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