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National Children’s Day 2016 – celebrating children

It is National Children’s Day on 6th March, a day to take the time to celebrate our children. Although every day we love them, nurture them and care for them, it is also good to stop and celebrate them!

“Children are like buds in a garden and they should be carefully and lovingly nurtured”

I am also mindful of those children who are no longer with us, who for some reason, through ill health or an accident are not present with us today. I want to honour them and celebrate their lives also, as their young lives touched ours and left their imprint on our hearts.

Children Matter

True Colours Children’s Health Trust has as their mantra; to ‘listen to the voice of the child’. They have much to teach us as adults and none more so than those who live with serious complex health conditions.

A child knows how to ‘live in the moment’ and this is something that often gets lost along the way as we get older and take on broader concerns. It becomes more difficult for us in the busyness of our lives to just ‘be’ and to see that moment for what it is. However, we know it is often in the quiet moments when taking time with our children that we are ‘moved’ in profound ways. Arthur Miller stated, “You cannot catch a child’s spirit by running after it. You must stand still and for love it will soon itself return”.

Our children need to be at the centre of what we do, how we think and how we act; and to be heard, seen and understood.

Let’s take the time together as a nation to pause, reflect and celebrate them!


There are events happening around the country to celebrate Children’s Day – check the national website for all the details.


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