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Resiliency in the face of life itself

The year is drawing to a close and there have been significant, profound and challenging times for many. There have been moments of sheer beauty, excruciating pain, the birth of new relationships, and closing of others; and the end of the year is often time for reflection.

True Colours has had its own rebirthing of a rebrand this year and we are now known as the True Colours Children’s Health Trust. While the heart of the work remains the same, the logo and butterfly has evolved into the next stage. Our ongoing commitment is to listen to what families require in caring for their children at home, and endeavour to scope the service delivery to meet those needs.

As the team continues to walk alongside families in the care of children with serious health conditions, or in the support of grief and loss, we witness such resiliency and courage. I have parents say to me, they do not know how they are going to cope, or whether they will have the life skills to adjust to the changes within their lives. Every day I witness those same parents make it through the next hour, the next day, the next week and the next month. Small steps at a time make a life time journey. I observe parents become experts in the care of complex health conditions, strong advocates for their children, and growing their own resiliency.

I witness the ability of children to live in the moment and am constantly amazed at how they can find the energy to live life to their fullest potential – regardless of what is happening for them.

I appreciate the businesses, ‘Friends of True Colours’, and the many individuals who have supported True Colours in the way of funding, and tangible provision. Due to this support and commitment to the vision of True Colours, the health and psychosocial care to families continues strongly.

At the end the year I am mindful of the resilience of the children, their families, our colleagues, and the supporters of True Colours. It is an interwoven, intricate and delicate blend of care and support that helps us to grow that resiliency.

Close your eyes and listen. What do you hear? The beating sound you hear is not your heart. It is the sound of a thousand sewing needles. The world is no melting pot, but rather a giant quilt made up of tiny patches, all of which create a beautiful mosaic that covers and warms us all. – McBride 2003


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