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Resiliency in Evidence

Resiliency in Evidence Yesterday, True Colours held its annual family picnic day for the families that we support; the whole aim being to have some ‘simple’ fun and relaxation… and the sun shone for us this year!

There were a number of families who attended, from all walks of life. Some children who are recovering well from their illnesses, others who live courageously with their chronic and life-limiting illnesses, families who are grieving and are walking the bereavement journey and others who are on the other side of their neonatal intensive care experiences.

An aspect of the day I enjoy is the way people can come together with the variances of cultural, social, grief, health and disability differences and have fun, enjoy each other and live fully in that moment. I had a small depth of understanding as I met with each family, of the effort it may have cost them to actually leave the house.

It is quite something to pack up the extra supplies for the children, and some of the equipment that is required and the energy to bring it all together. I appreciate all who made the effort to come and spend some quality time together, celebrating the connectedness of relationship and family. A huge thank you goes to Serena Rogers who comes every year to do her spectacular artwork in face painting along with Kim Hurrell from our team. And once again, our friends from Kiwanis Westside who brought the sausages and extras that made for a mouth watering BBQ, the Kiwanis that were there knew the children’s songs well and knew ALL of the actions… proving it doesn’t matter what age you are in life, we all enjoy a good sing along with the kids!

Thanks to Stephen Parkinson our music man of the day… the kids loved the music and singing. We have some amazing musicians in the making! The bouncy castle and bubble machine were generously sponsored by Trillion Trust as was ‘Presto’ the clown who helped make the day special by his expert creation of ‘animals’ out of balloons which was a great hit with the kids.

Thanks to Joyce Stone our administrator who pulled this all together for us. It was a great day held at Diocesan School, once again thanks to Rosalie McGowan for organising for us the use of the lovely grounds and facilities. As the children and their families enjoyed the activities and the sunshine on the day, I couldn’t help but notice the resiliency and courage of the families that were there.

Everyone that attended on the day has the lived experience of knowing and understanding that life can be harsh. But this does not stop the celebration of life, and to take a moment to pause and laugh and delight in children having a good time. Thank you to all who made this day possible, truly a day of goodwill and connection.


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