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How will we face the New Year

How will we face the New Year

As a new year unfolds there are some of us who are looking ahead with a degree of nervousness as to what it may hold; others of us have an enthusiastic anticipation for what new challenges may lie ahead. Whatever the view, it is a new year, and one that is to be embraced to make each moment count to the best of our ability.

The year started with global tragedies and for some of us, heartbreak has been on a personal level. I do want to acknowledge those that have started the year hurting, grieving and are adjusting to new ways of being.

In listening to what people have shared with me, I am well aware of the apprehension and anxiety of what may lie ahead. The reality is that at times we are going to have to pull on our resources and inner strength to live fully in the moment.

There will also be celebrations along the way. Some of these major achievements, other accomplishments will be the small steps that are worthy to be celebrated and acknowledged. To witness a child who has a major health and disability issue, smile as they listen to some music that has touched their soul, is a moment to be recognised. The energy that has gone into that smile is something that those of us who are close to the child will know and understand – this is a moment to celebrate. But to others, this moment and its significance may have been missed or misunderstood.

Whatever is going on in our lives; we have the potential to shape and scope how we will face the year. The way that we view what lies ahead and how we are in the moments of the day will help charter the path ahead of us.

I want to take my lead from the children and families who know and understand the moments that are to be celebrated and recognised, and who know that whatever comes across our paths, it is our inner strength and resiliency that makes each situation as good as it can be in the circumstances we face.

As I focus on the year ahead, I look forward to the connections that will be made with those I meet. I will endeavour to embrace the ever changing environment around me and the challenges and the celebrations that this will bring. I will try to make each moment count and appreciate the achievements along the way, no matter how big or small. I hope this year brings you all richness of connections in your relationships with others and in whatever you are doing.


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