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Our hearts reach out to Christchurch

Our hearts reach out to Christchurch

Our hearts are heavy as we think of the Christchurch people and the devastation and grief that have entered their lives in an earth shattering moment, changing their circumstances forever.

We know and understand about resiliency, strength and courage and it is something I speak of a lot as I see this daily in those that I care for. But it takes energy and huge courage to ‘stand up’ again after the foundation of trust has been shaken to the core, in this case, literally. As the rest of the country stands by feeling helpless and powerless, trying to find ways of sending support in some way, people are beginning to find their own way of surviving this catastrophe.

It is times such as this when New Zealand feels small and we all feel so close to the families and individuals who are living within this crisis. We remember with the rest of the country those that have not survived and send our love and care in positive waves to those that are grieving. Our hearts and spirits reach out in any way we can.

Daily in the media we hear of huge devastation, along with the stories of ‘miracles’ and strength and courage. And amazingly life carries on as we all attend to our acts of daily living.

We know and understand that to enjoy life we have to live fully in each moment. Some of us know well life is not to be taken for granted, it is indeed a gift. Children I have cared for in the past have taught me how to ‘live until you die’. It is something I am remembering at this time as I reflect on the last week, and the horror of mass destruction that we have witnessed as a nation.

We also remember the many people from New Zealand and overseas who are working so hard and giving so tirelessly to help and assist in the recovery and clean up.

We are united as one in our thoughts, prayers, reflections and care.

“The greatest glory in living

lies not in never falling,

but in rising every time we fall.”

Nelson Mandela


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