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“The greatest treasure”

“The greatest treasure”

I attended an unveiling in the weekend of a child that True Colours had supported. The presence of Aroha and Wairura were strong as we remembered this child’s life and the inspiration that continues to influence us as we take time to reflect.

The family/whanau came together to support one another in this intense time of grief and I am reminded of the fragility of life and how quickly it passes for some.

It is so easy to get caught into the busyness of each day, worrying about the everyday things and the bigger issues like globalization and what is happening to our world. We are constantly encouraged by our leaders to look at the big picture and think about what we can do to make a positive difference to our planet.

If I personally am going to make a difference in this world, I hope it is in each small step along the way. I hope that seriously ill children, young people and their families will feel the difference in the care and support that True Colours provides, so that this challenging journey of ill health and disability are not so overwhelming.

I am inspired by the children that I support in my work, who live with such compromised health issues but who continually strive to live in the moment as best as they can.

Life is fragile indeed, this I see everyday. We have choices on how we live our lives in each moment we have. I will endeavour to contribute to making a positive difference in my part of the world by listening to what is important to children, young people and their families and then implementing the care they need. The young lives that have touched mine, challenging me not to waste the time I have but to live fully in the best possible way will be my life time goal.

The children who are no longer here with us each have a purpose. I will do my best to honour them as I remember what they have taught me. I am also reminded of the Tikanga “What is the greatest treasure “ He Tangata He Tangata He Tangata “ it is people, people, people.


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