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Committed to best practice

Committed to best practice

As I continue to think about what is important for children and young people particularly in regard to serious illness I endeavour to stay within the philosophy of True Colours which is “listening to the voice of children and young people honouring their rights and wishes”.

This guides my own personal practice of making a difference for those who live with serious illness. With this in mind I look for the opportunities to improve quality of life for children and young people.

I am currently part of a steering group for the “Youth Transition from Paediatric to Adult Care Project”. Andrea Mockford is the Project Manager for this group ( which is committed to establishing best practice standards for young people who live with chronic and long-term conditions for their transition process from paediatric care to adult care.

There is much evidence that supports the need for a model of care that allows a staged transition process over several years. The objectives of this model of care will be:

* To improve the health and well-being for young people between the age of 12-24 yrs
* Improve planning for adult services
* Reduce the admission into secondary health care
* Enhance quality of service delivery
(Project Initiation Document WDHB August 2009)

The project will develop a pathway for young people into adult care that diminishes some of the anxieties and concerns that young people, their families and the health professionals encounter currently.

The current guideline is for the model to be signed off for implantation by WDHB by end of June 2010. There will be much communication with young people, their families and health providers within community and hospital to ensure the young person’s needs are being met. If you would like to know more about this project don’t hesitate to contact myself or Andrea. We are committed to best practice outcomes to enhance quality of care.


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