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Therapeutic space complete thanks to Paul Newman Own Foundation

Therapeutic space complete thanks to Paul Newman Own Foundation

We are well and truly into the New Year and enjoying the reconnections with families, health professionals, sponsors and businesses. I hope there was opportunity for everyone to enjoy some time with family, friends and enjoy the sunshine somewhere.

The exciting news for True Colours is that we have finally got the downstairs therapeutic spaces finished after receiving the donation from Paul Newman’s Own Foundation to make downstairs a more therapeutic space. It has been wonderful to use it more fully and the children and families have been enjoying the space.

We are continually grateful to Annah Stretton as she so generously gave this house to True Colours for the care that children and families require. The therapeutic spaces consist of the art therapy room, Sandtray therapy room, play room (with hospital equipment), sensory quiet room and a counselling room. We have had great support alongside the Newman’s Own Foundation Trust, such as WINTEC who did the interior design, Brown Construction and Diane O’Sullivan who gave of her time to help set it up.

Play, art and Sandtray therapy are great ways of allowing children to express their emotions that is age appropriate and that they understand. Some of the emotions that are shared in this therapy allow them to make meaning out of their sadness, grief, fear, anxiety and uncertainty. It is a useful way for the team to do assessments that are non threatening to the child.

Therapeutic interaction between the child and adult allows opportunity for enhanced quality of life and wellbeing emotionally. This is an important principle as a team at True Colours to allow children to express themselves in a way that they know they are heard and understood.


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