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A time to reflect

A time to reflect

The year is drawing to a close and it is timely to reflect back and remember the different connections we have had with others throughout the year.

The True Colours team has met with many seriously ill children and their families who have been touched by grief, sadness, fear and exhaustion. We have celebrated the hope and optimism that is inspiring; we have seen what true resiliency is in the face of adversity as families teach us about courage as they support their children through illness. We honour the courage and resiliency of the children and young people.
The large numbers of health professionals we work alongside in supporting families are an extended part of our team, and we could not do this work without them. To those of you who support True Colours, whether that be regarding funding, practical or other support that allows this work to continue, we thank you. Without you this would be impossible.

This can be a difficult time of the year for many and I hope you all have some gentle, precious connections with those that you love this Christmas and New Year.


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