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Family Fun Day at Lake Karapiro

Thanks to the wonderful team behind JusCoz , the families we support got to experience a great day out at Lake Karapiro on the 27th February 2016.

Here’s a little glimpse into our day:

I SEE the generous spirit of two men and their extended families as they want nothing more than to make children happy.

I SEE the joy on the face of a child. A smile as the spray of the water hits their face. The excited clapping as they fly over a wave.

I SEE peoples different types of ‘normal’. A father lifting his son into his wheelchair, a mother feeding her son through a tube, a constant carer by the side of their child.

I SEE the connections being made between parents, the shared experiences, the shared pain, the shared membership to a club they didn’t ask to join.

I SEE the love between a child and their family.

I SEE new friendships being made.

I SEE families enjoying a rare day out together.

I SEE a smile on a child’s face. I see a bigger smile on the face of their parents.

I SEE those that give, are receiving more.

I SEE the resiliency and courage of families as they face their daily challenges.

I SEE kids just being kids.

I SEE the effort it has taken for families to get here today.

I SEE a community that cares and feel thankful.


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