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Family Fun Day with Northern Districts Cricket

A day of fun, relaxation and a bit of friendly competition was had on Sunday 22 March at Seddon Park when families of True Colours Children’s Health Trust met members from the SKYCITY Northern Knights and Northern Spirit cricket teams. Balls were hit, bats were swung and games were played on a Family Fun Day in glorious sunshine.

Peter Roach, CEO, Northern District Cricket Association, said ‘hosting our True Colours’ families at Seddon Park meant we could truly open up our ‘home’ and welcome them all into it.

“Our Knights and Spirit players thoroughly enjoyed meeting the young children and hearing their stories, but also meeting the Mum’s and Dad’s who have daily battles with their children’s health,” he said. “The opportunity to meet these families in ‘real life’ opened their eyes up to how lucky they are to be involved with such a strong, close knit charity. We were also very lucky to have supportive businesses sponsoring the day by providing their staff time, bouncy castles, giant board games and snack foods free of charge to assist with the day.” The Fun Warehouse provided two free bouncy castles; Big As Party Games provided free giant board games and supervisory staff; and GoNutz provided free snack foods for all families.

True Colours Children’s Health Trust, which supports children with serious illness, their families and community during their time of need through counselling, nursing care and education, is the official charity partner of Northern District Cricket Association.

Cynthia Ward, CEO, True Colours, says: “We are truly grateful for the wonderful partnership with Northern Districts Cricket Association. The warmth with which they welcomed us all onto their home patch yesterday was amazing, nothing was too much trouble!

“The sun shone bright on what was a wonderful family day at Seddon Park. The day was filled with huge smiles, laughter, and lively banter as families enjoyed the unique opportunity hanging out with the Northern Knights and Northern Spirit Teams. It was a great way to bring families together and enjoy a day out and connect with other families going through similar journeys.”

Cynthia said a common theme from parents comments yesterday were, “ we don’t get out much as there are limited places we can go like this with people who understand, thank you so much for giving us this opportunity”.

“So, a huge thank you to everyone involved in putting the day together for us. It was such a magical day for everyone that attended.”

Northern District Cricket Association and True Colours will hold a sibling fun day with the Northern Spirit cricket team on Sunday 29 March.


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